Energy and environmental management

Taking responsibility for the environment and our fellow humans.

As a family-run business with local roots, we place great importance on sustainability and active preservation of resources and the environment. This is why we enshrined these values in our company philosophy and code of conduct, in the form of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001 in force since 2013.

With regular reviews and audits, we are able to ensure the highest-quality implementation, documentation and maintenance of environmental management across our organisation. This ensures that we honour our obligations under the ISO 14001 certification in the long-term, adhere to an ongoing improvement process and comply with statutory regulations and environmental legislation and guidelines.

Since we must all do our bit to protect the environment, all our employees and contractors are made aware of this company-wide code of conduct, which they can consult at any time. And being environmentally aware does not in any way affect company profits – if anything, it boosts them.

With a view to a smart “eco-design”, we analyse the origin of materials and how they have been processed as early as during the development and planning stage.

BRUCHA’s environmental policy

Cradle to Cradle

We have taken another forward-thinking step by deciding to apply for comprehensive Cradle to Cradle certification for our products. For us, this means striving to leave behind a positive environmental legacy by maintaining an environmental management system and avoiding harming the environment. Find out more about the C2C quality and performance improvement principle.  Next

All data accessed with just one click - DGNB Navigator connects manufacturers and users.

The DGNB Navigator is a central platform connecting manufacturers with users (architects, planners, investors, craftspeople, auditors, etc.). The standardised DGNB system provides optimum product information, ensures reliability in planning and bridges the gap between construction product and user.

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Austrian Energy Efficiency Act

By installing a 400 m long district heating pipeline between the biomass heating system and the EPS production steam generator, our energy consumption has dropped by 820 MWh each year.

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LEED v4 – BRUCHA Sustainability - Fact sheet

These fact sheets provide project teams with detailed product information on building certification guidelines under LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and on how BRUCHAPaneel complies with these requirements.

The information is based on LEED v4 credit library (2014-07).

BREEAM – BRUCHA Sustainability - Fact sheet

These fact sheets provide specific product information on building certification guidelines under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) and on how BRUCHAPaneel complies with these requirements.

This information is based on the BREEAM technical manual (2014).

Environmental Product Declaration under ISO 14025 and EN 15804

BRUCHA has received EPD Environmental Product Declarations for the BRUCHAPaneel PU and fire protection roof, wall and cladding panels. The life cycle assessment (LCA) for the production was calculated in line with the Product Category Rules (PCR), which specify the requirements and are used for ECO-design product development.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

External auditors from Lloyd’s Register – LRQA Austria regularly check that our environmental management system complies with ISO 14001.

Waste management concept

BRUCHA’s waste management concept was drawn up by an independent environmental civil engineer and is regularly re-certified. The measures taken are refined in line with requirements.

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